Ma is fairly common in young adult males living near the equator. One form is also common in young african children. Symptoms the tumors most often appear as bluish-red or purple bumps on the skin. They are reddish-purple because they are rich in blood vessels. The lesions may first appear on the feet or ankles, thighs, arms, hands, face, or any other part of the body. They also can appear on sites inside the body. Other symptoms may include: bloody sputum shortness of breath exams and tests the following tests may be performed to diagnose kaposi's sarcoma: bronchoscopy ct scan endoscopy skin biopsy treatment how this condition is treated depends on: how much the immune system is suppressed (immunosuppression) number and location of the tumors symptoms treatments include: antiviral therapy against the aids virus combination chemotherapy freezing (cryotherapy) radiation therapy lesions may return after treatment. Outlook (prognosis) treating kaposi's sarcoma does not improve the chances of survival from aids itself. The outlook depends on the person's immune status and how much of the hiv virus is in the patient's blood (viral load). Possible complications complications can include: cough (possibly bloody) and shortness of breath if the disease is in the lungs leg swelling that may be painful or cause infections if the disease is in the lymph nodes of the legs the tumors can return even after treatment. Kaposi's sarcoma can be deadly for a person with aids. An aggressive form of african kaposi's sarcoma can spread quickly to the bones. Another form found in african children does not affect the skin. Instead, it spreads through the lymph nodes and vital organs, and can quickly. cheap viagra fast shipping
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