Vessels, rosette like structures and strong positivity for s-100 but lacks clear antoni a and b areas. Immunohistochemistry ? s-100 strong diffuse positivity1 , 20/20 (moderate to strong, nuclear and cytoplasmic) 3 ? gfap focal positivity1, 8/15 (strong diffuse staining in 4 cases) 3 leu 7 focal positivity1 vimentin 10/10 3 collagen type iv 10/10 (strong diffuse pericellular) 3 laminin 8/8 (strong diffuse pericellular) 3 nerve growth factor receptor 7/8 (cell membrane staining, diffuse in 2 cases, focal in 5 cases) 3 cd57 6/9 (focal staining) 3 ae1/ae3 negative1 ae1/ae3 + lp34 4/16 (staining of scattered epithelioid cells) 3 kl-1 negative1 cam 5. 2 negative1 , 0/8 3 ck7 0/8 3 epithelial membrane antigen positivity was confined to the subcapsular area1, 3/13 (membranous staining of rare epithelioid cells in 3 cases, plus capsular spindle cells in 9 of 11 cases) 3 e-cadherin 3/8 3 n-cadherin 0/8 3 nse 2/8 3 synaptophysin 1/8 3 cd99 1/8 (focal positivity of a spindle cell area in one case) 3 cd34 0/12 (epithelioid cells negative, but all cases showed staining of dendritic spindle cells) 3 cd56 0/8 3 neurofilament 0/10 3 hmb45 0/8 3 melan-a 0/8 3 tyrosinase 0/8 3 mitf 0/8 3 desmin 0/8 3 sma 0/8 3 ? differential diagnosis epithelioid malignant pnst/schwannomas show frank malignancy with brisk mitotic activity, frequent necrosis and marked cellular atypia. cialis online ??they are usually deeper and larger. The superficial variant shows encapsulation and is composed of smaller cells, but also shows frankly malignant cytology. The small and superficial malignant lesions usually do not recur after e.
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